How much do you sell the puppies for.

$600 for pets, $800 for Male #4 with the full white collar.

Are they purebred? Are they registered.


Yes, both parents and the puppies are pure Great Dane. We do not register the puppies because we prefer to sell them to pet homes.

Can anyone just buy one of these?

No. We screen potential customers and reserve the right to say no. We don't have a standard form to fill out like some kennels, but we will ask questions and want to feel the puppy is going to a good home.

Sarge looks different than most Great Danes I've seen?

Because he is different than most Danes you've seen.

He is German bred, from a line of boar hounding dogs. What you are used to seeing are conformation bred great danes, bred to be sleek. Sarge is much thicker than those dogs, and has a very wide head.

How big is Sarge.

In Sarges Prime, he was 39'' at the whithers, and 235 lbs. There are heavier dogs (of different breeds) in Canada, but Sarge has been the uncontested "Canada's Largest Dog" since he was 2 years old. A few pups from previous litters look like they may take that record though.

Do they need a big farm to run around in.

Not at all. Great Danes have been suggested for appartment dwellers in the past. It is best if they live in doors, they can't live outdoors all year. They are not as active as many other breeds of dogs, they appreciate having a fenced back yard to roam around so they can come back in and lay beside the couch.

Do they like people.

They are one of the most loyal dogs to their owners ever created. They love to cuddle, and if they do something bad, the words "oh, what did you do" can hurt their feelings.

They love people. Their bark (and size) keeps any bad ones from entering, but they really like the good ones. If they accidentally let bad ones in while you are away they will keep them inside until someone shows up.

Are they good with Kids.

Many of our past pups have gone into homes wiht kids, and there has never been an incident. Even though they are big, they tend to be very gentle around kids. But also because of their size, they should always be supervised around kids, just like any dog.

How can you afford to feed them.

What do you feed them?

Partially because of their large size, they have a slower metabolism than most smaller dogs. Also not being an active dog, they do not eat that much more than a labrador retreiver when full grown.

They do eat more than adults / pound in the first 2 years while growing.

Highly concentrated dog food, and a high protein diet can be bad for them. We feed Old Roy, which many people consider to be an inferior dog food. They may pass more of it, and ther might be more to pick up, but diets higher in fiber better for dogs just like humans.

$60 dog foods sell because the pet owner likes to think they are doing something way better for their dogs. You should see the look on some of their faces when they see our big dogs notice the very shiny coats and good teeth, and then ask what brand we use.

We supply more information on what to feed, how often, and how to feed it for people who are buying our dogs.

How long do they live.

Most resources say 5-7 years, and that is sadly true for many conformation lines of Great Danes available. Sarge is a very healthy 8.5 year old dog, great teeth and joints, and has 11 and 13 year old dogs in his pedigree.

Shadow is 3 years old, from the Kodiak line of Great Danes which are responsible for many older dogs.